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Citrix consultant  in London and UK

 Health Checks

Requirements change over time and software can become outdated – this can put your data in jeopardy, increase operational costs and put security at risk. The objective of our Citrix health check is to assess your current Citrix system and locate any of these weaknesses. Once we have completed our examination, we will be able to create a report, outlining our recommendations for the future.

If you need a deeper understanding of your Citrix system or are considering upgrading or migrating, a health check is critical.

Citrix health checks can be carried out on-site or remotely. The length of the test will depend on the size and complexity of your system. An example audit report can be produced on request if desired.

The audit will include assessment areas such as:

  • Citrix Storefront
  • Load Balancing
  • Delivery Controllers
  • OU Structure and Group Policy

  • Storage
  • Network
  • Citrix Policy
  • Master image

Citrix consultant  in London and UK

  If you need a Citrix consultant offering Citrix services in the UK or Europe, please get in touch for a consultation.  



Citrix Consulting

If you would like to increase security, maximise performance and lower the ongoing costs of your systems we can help you do that with our expert Citrix consultancy here at the McCran consultancy. If you are looking to upgrade, migrate or revamp your systems, our Citrix consultants can guide your organisation through every stage of the development from initial data capture through to delivery and maintenance. We use Citrix best practices and our extensive experience to ensure you get the perfect solution for your system.












Data Capture

The first stage in development is the data capture which allow us to get a thorough understanding of your current environment. This information will include the business requirements that will define the solution’s unique parameters. This assessment phase will include an application discovery process, which will categorise the applications. This information will be combined with user requirements to determine which Citrix delivery model should be implemented.







The Data Capture phase will allow us to create a capacity plan which details the hardware and software resources required to deliver your solution.  We will recommend hardware solutions that will match the requirements.

A high level design document will be created to illustrate the proposed solution and to summarise each component. This will be a design blueprint for your final design.

The low level design will include technical details on the design requirements and component configuration.  This will include a diagram to illustrate the overall solution (including core servers and roles).






We will implement the solution described within the design phase and adhere to any change control processes within your organisation.



We test each phase of our solution.  We perform smoke tests on each design layer and arrange for user acceptance testing to be performed and signed-off before we roll-out the solution to a production environment.


Citrix consultant  in London and UK


We offer consultancy and support options for organisations that wish to keep their Citrix environment updated and under maintenance. We are happy to discuss any support options and service packages with your company